Advanced Heading

Are you stuck going round in circles?

Advanced Heading

It’s time to call in a leadership coach.

When your work is busy on all fronts, there’s never enough time. And certainly, no time for you. But when your actions don’t deliver the right impact, making time to review and develop is crucial to your long-term success.

Poor sales performance, team challenges, career shifts. Just three of many reasons leaders (and HR managers) get in touch with me.

Confidentially and constructively, I’ll help you press pause and clarify your way forward. Step by step, holding you accountable, your future will look brighter and better than ever.

My name’s Kate Jackson. I’m an NLP and ILM qualified leadership coach helping tech and engineering leaders, and finance heads.

I’ve also been in your shoes (not exactly) and experienced the day to day challenge of delivering results on all fronts. It’s tough. But with support, you CAN achieve your goals and thrive.

Shall we talk?

Kate Jackson




Learn why I’m equipped to make a difference for you – drawing on my leadership coaching qualifications and career experience.


What to expect

This might be new to you, so let me explain the typical process. I’m your safe place to decompress, discover, and develop.



One-to-one leadership coaching, group coaching, or career shift coaching. Starting from your beginning, we’ll develop a programme to suit you.


How to choose the right coach for you

Having the right chemistry with your coach makes the outcome far better. Learn how to choose the right coach for you.